Oil Filter 12 Micron Pleated Wire Mesh

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18 Apr 2022
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Oil Filter

Specification of Oil Filter 12 Micron Pleated Wire Mesh

Oil Filter

Technical specifications :
1. Max. 150 psi pressure. Can be upgraded according to the previous usage standard
2. Application For Fuel Storage Tanks , Portable Fuel Pump Tanks
3. Flow rate 5 – 80 gpm
4. Filtration Direction: From outside in but we can also produce blood on the contrary, namely from the inside out
5. Efficiency Beta 2: 90 microns. Micron size can be adjusted to your request
6. Collapse Rating 145 psid
7. Gasket: Nitrile but can be changed to Silicone, Neoprene, PTFE, Viton
8. Design: Standard and Customized as required
9. Element Size: Standard and Customized
10. Pressure: Up to 15 Bar and More on Request
11. Working Temperature 10-100 degrees centigrade
12. Pore size : 0.22-80 um
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iso 9001 2015 quality management system.pdf
iso 14001 2015 environmental management system.pdf
iso 18001 2007 occupational health and safety assesment.pdf



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