Reuseable Dry Large Shop Vacuum Cartridge Filter
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05 Apr 2021
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Specification of Reuseable Dry Large Shop Vacuum Cartridge Filter

We sell and provide a variety of air filters with the type of air filter brand DF FILTER. functions as a filter for dirt, dust particles or dirt in the air or machine using Cellulose media as a filter media.

Product features and advantages:
- Our filters can be used and are equivalent to all Filter brands
- The advantage of the material used, namely the Spundbond paper media, is that it can filter dust particles carried by the air flow, so that the air that passes through this filter can be free of dirt / dust.
- High dust trapping power, making it very compatible for industries with high dust concentrations
- Filters are very easy to install in application
- Professional elastic neoprene obturator sealing
- Resistant to moisture
- High Permeability
- Physical Filter Media Rigid paper so it can be washed / cleaned and reused
- Good chemical resistance
- Operating temperature up to 275 Deg. F / ≤ 135 ° C
- Ensure low stable differential pressure so as to increase circulating airflow

Material consists of:
- Cellulose Folding Media
- Polyester Filter Material, 100% Efficiency (Particles ≥5μm)
- Expanded Metal Thick 0.8 mm
- Galvanized Ends Caps

The filter media that our company uses are the best filter media because the filter media we use are imported from abroad and the production process is carried out in Indonesia, so that the machines used will remain optimal for a long time and the filters we produce are designed for can operate in a tough industrial environment with maximum performance results so that your company can operate machines with maximum safety and results.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

iso 9001 2015 quality management system.pdf
iso 14001 2015 environmental management system.pdf
iso 18001 2007 occupational health and safety assesment.pdf
cataloque product air filter series.pdf



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As a distributor of industrial filters we always strive to produce quality filters for industrial use. With the technology that we made, this industrial filter can filter or filter previously not clean ones into cleaner outputs.

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The filtering system in this industrial filter technology is specifically designed for industrial needs. It can be made according to your needs. This industrial filter is designed to facilitate the operation of industrial filtration systems.

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