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Filter Bag, For Air Filter with the brand "DF FILTER" serves to capture dust particles that flow with air particles so that they are not carried over to the engine combustion chamber.
Product Details
Product Specification:
- Material: AP-200 Pre Filter
- Medium Material: Fiberglass, Micro Fiber
- Stainless Steel Plate Frame
- Cartridge Filter: Non - Woveen Polyester Fiber
Dimensions: Length 559 x Width 550x 20mm
OEM Water Filters are widely used in various industrial applications. We can also repair / repaire filters and make water filters as needed. Our company sells Air Filters, Air Filters, Oil Separator Compressors, Water Filters, Water Separators, Oil Filter Elements, Fuel Filters, Vacuum Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Filter Bags, Filter Filters, Press Filters, Dust Collectors, Bearing Filters, Suction Filters, High Pressure Filters, Basket Filters, Filter Assembly, Element Hydraulic Retun Filters, Coolant Filters, Stainless Steel Basket Woven Oil Filter Strainer, Medium Filters, Hepa Filters, Foam Filters, Pre Filters, Carbon Active Filters, Stainless Filters with stainless grades 201, 304 , 316, 316L quality at affordable prices.
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