Hydraulic Suction Filter Assembly Merk DF FILTER PN. 125-375
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Specification of

Hydraulic Filter
We produce Hydraulic Suction Strainer Filter. The filters that we produce both dimensions and spect can follow the demands of your needs. The filtration media range offered is fully processed in our manufacturing unit following industry-defined guidelines.

Filtration Size
Maximum Flow Rate
95L / min
Overall Length
Overall Diameter
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 90 ° C
We can fabricate and modify filters both in spect material and in required dimensions.
OEM Water Filters are widely used in various industrial applications. We can also repair / repaire filters and make water filters as needed. Our company sells Air Filter, Air Filter, Oil Separator Compressor, Water Filter, Fuel Filter Separator, Water Separator, Oil Filter Element, Coalescing Filter Separator, Air Compressed Water Separator, Water Fuel Filter Separator, Fuel Filter Separator Cartridge, Gas Filter Separator, Air and Oil Separator, Suction House Oil, Bebicon Air Filters, Hydraulic Return Element Filters, Suction Screen Filters, Stainless Steel Hydraulic Suction Filters For Air and Oil, Hydraulic Suction Filter Assembly, Fuel Filters, Vacuum Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Filter Bags, Filters Cloth, Filter Press, Dust Collector, Bearing Filter, Suction Filter, High Pressure Filter, Basket Filter, Filter Assembly, Hydraulic Retun Filter Element, Coolant Filter, Stainless Steel Basket Strainer Oil Filter Woven Filter, Medium Filter, Hepa Filter, Pre Filter, After Filter Filters, Suction Filters, Cartridge Filters, Carbon Active Filters, Stainless Filters with stainless grades 201, 304, 316, 316L quality at affordable prices.
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