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08 Apr 2020
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Product Specification High Quality Air Filters Brand DF FILTER

Specifications of High Quality Air Filters with type DF Air Filter Brand FILTER functions as a filter for dirt, dust particles or dirt contained in the air mixed with paper media as a filter media.

Material consists of:

                Paper Cellulose Media
                Expanded Metal Galvanized Steel
                Ends Cap Stainless Steel 201
                Silicon Rubber Seal
Air Filters with various types, types and micron sizes such as 10 Micron, 20 Micron, 30 Micron. Our filters can be used and equivalent from all brands of Filters.

The advantage of the material used is that the cellulose paper media can filter out dust particles carried by the air stream, so that the air that passes through this filter can be free from dirt / dust.

We can fabricate and modify filters both in spect material and in required dimensions, in addition we can also repair or recondition Filters and produce the final filter product in accordance with the time of new purchase. The filters that we produce can be used in all types of brands of Filters and Machines so that you can make savings in terms of purchasing spare parts Filters.

The filter media that our company uses are the best filter media because the filter media that we use are imported from abroad and the production process is carried out in Indonesia, so that the machines used will remain optimal for a long time and the filters we produce are designed to can operate in a harsh industrial environment with maximum performance results so that your company can operate machines with maximum safety and yield.

OEM Water Filters are widely used in various industrial applications. We can also repair / repaire filters and make new compressor filters or heavy equipment filters and compressors as needed. Our company sells Air Filter, Air Filter Element, Screw Air Filter, Screw Compressor Air Filter Element, Air Intake, Air Filter Intake, Air Filter Intake Element Compressor Part, Air Filter, Bebicon Air Filter, Air Suction Filter, Screw Air Compressor Filter, Air Compressor Air Filters, Suction Air Compressor Filters, Engine Air Compressor Filters, High Quality Air Filters, Cartridge Filters, Oil Separator Compressors, Water Filters, Water Separators, Coalescing Filter Separators, Recondition Screw Air Oil Separator Filters, Air Filter Separators, Element Air / Fluid Separator, Compressed Air Oil Separator, Oil Separator Compressor, Recondition Filter Separator, Oil Separator Filter, Compressor Separator Filter, Oil Separator Filter, Filter Separator, Air Compressed Water Filter Separator, Water-Fuel Filter Separator, Fuel Filter Separator Cartridge, Filters Gas, Gas Filter Separator, Air And Oil Filter Separator, Coalescer Filter Element, Inline Filter Element Compressor, Air Dryer F ilter Compressor, Compressed Air Filter & Process Filtration Compressor, Air Dryers Filter Element, Air Dryer Filter Element Air Compressor, Air Compressor Pre After Dryer Filter Element, Elements For Compressed Air Filters, Air Dryer Line Filter & Gas Filter Element, High Pressure Filter Element, Precision Pre Filter After Filter For Air Dryer Air Compressor Element, Replacement Air Dryer After Filter For All Compressor, Low Flow Compressed Air Drying System, Synthetic Fiber Catridge Filter Air Dryer Pre And After Filter, Refrigerated Air Dryer Pre And After Filter Element Compressor , Adsorption Air Dryer Element, Compressor Line Filter Dryer Filter Element For Air Compressor, KIT Filter Compressor Element In Line Air Dryer, Air Dryer Filter Element FIT Compressor, Return Line and Suction Boost Filter, Water Filter Element, Oil Filter Element, Suction House Oil , Stainless Steel Hydraulic Suction Filters, For Air Filters, Hydraulic Return Element Filters, Fuel Filters, Vacuum Filt er, Hydraulic Filter, Suction Filter, Hydraulic Suction Filter Assembly, Suction Hose Oil Filter Strainer, Suction Filter Strainer, Hydraulic Suction Filter, Hydraulic Suction Filter Specification, High Pressure Filter Strainer, Basket Filter, Filter Assembly, Coolant Filter, Stainless Steel Basket Strainer , Oil Filter Wooven, Suction Filters, Oil Suction Filters, Suction Filters For Water Pumps, Suction Filters For Oil Pumps, Inlet Suction Filters, Nylon / Stainless Steel Suction Filters, Medical Suction Filters, Water Suction Filters, In Line Suction Filters, Filter Bags, Filter Cloth, Filter Press, Dust Collector, Bearing Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Medium Filter, Hepa Filter, Pre Filter, After Filter, Primary Air Filter, Primary Air Filter Element, Washable Primary Panel Filter Pre Filter, Pocket Filter, PreFilter: Element Bag, Filter: Element Bag Pre Filter, Primary and Secondary Filter, Washable Primary Filter, Primary Oil Filter, Primary Fuel Filter, Stainless Steel Panel Plate Pre Filter, Alumuni um Pre Filter, Costomized Stainless Steel Pleated Primary Planel, Air / Conditioning Filter, Pre Filter With Aluminum Frame, Pre Filter With Stainless Steel Plate, Micron Washable Primary Air Filter


We can produce filters using Stainless media with stainless grades 201, 304, 316, 316L quality at affordable prices.

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